AndHeFont Reference

AndHeFont is the official typeface for DIY Adventure games, it’s based on AndHeDrew’s handwriting. gives you access to a bunch of icons/glyphs used in DIY Adventure Games. They’re set up as ligatures, which means when you type a certain combination of characters, they’ll be automatically converted into the icon.

Icon Reference

Type the codes below to get the corresponding icons. You can also type the codes in a different font (say, in a plain text document) and when the text is converted to AndHeFont they’ll automatically be converted to the right icons.

Dice Face Icons

Type an exclamation point before the number of dots that you’d like: !1 !2 !3 !4 !5 !6

Health, Armor, Gold, Crossed Out Icons

Armor Icon: !arm

Heart/health icon: !heal

Gold Icon: !gold

Crossed Out Icon: !x

Checks and challenges

Stat Check: ?3

Success: !suc

Failure: !fail

Solo: ?1

Team: ?2

Stat Check: ?3

Results: ?4

Stats/Specific Stat checks

These are different between the regular and bold versions: regular for “(stat) check” bold for “(stat)”.

Smarts/Smarts check: !sma

Strength/Strength check: !str

Sanity/Sanity check: !san


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