Sunken Dungeon


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The Sunken Dungeon is a cut-and-paste, colorable RPG. It’s a sequel/prequel to the classic colorable RPG, The Cloud Dungeon. Each player cuts out/customizes a character and works with the rest of the group through a choose-your-own-adventure-style story

Before humanity learned how to build cities in the sky, we tried to live in the ocean. 
It was damp.

The Sunken Dungeon is deep underwater. You’ve “borrowed” your parents’ submarine, found some secondhand scuba gear, and you’re on your way to fortune and glory!

Make decisions with serious consequences, and horrible, ridiculous things happen.


It’s easy to get into.

You don’t need to learn the rules ahead of time. You can sit down with the book for the first time on your game night; the book will teach you as you go.

Play as much as you want.

When you buy the game, you get free access to the printable digital files forever. Convenient refill packs for the pages you cut up, new character cards, and more are available when you want to play again. If you don’t want to cut up your book, simply print the refill pack before you play, and leave your book in new condition.

Totally Unique Characters 

You’ll make a character that is all your own. You’ll buy armor, diving suits, and weapons; terrible and ridiculous things will happen to your character. 

Character Creation GIF.gif

Through gameplay, you’ll make a work of creativity: Your choices will guide you to a completely unique creation all your own. 

Shared Creativity: the Submarine 


You’ll share a submarine. The submarine will be your collaborative canvas – you’ll all work together to create, color, and customize the sub, and over time crazy things will happen to it. At the end of the game, you’ll have a shared creation that’s completely unique to your group or family.

As we fund, I hope to add more submarine designs to the book, and we’ll have a printable submarine pack if you want ALL the options.

Co-op Submarine battles

In addition to the outside picture of your submarine, you’ll have a a sheet with a map of the inside of your sub. You’ll be moving around, repairing armor, pumping out water when the rooms flood, firing cannons and harpoons…


Get a new weapon or system? Paste or tape it directly to your layout sheet! You’ll be customizing the layout of your submarine, and making strategic choices. Once you’ve added a new system, you’re stuck with it!


Varied gameplay

Mini-games, submarine battles, armed combat, creative play, story, and tough team decisions – the gameplay is always changing throughout the course of the story.

Tough Decisions 

As you make decisions as a team, you’ll track these choices on a decision card.  These decisions are choose-your-own-adventure-style, and will test you and your party. When you make a choice, you’ll face the consequences, and mark your decision:


Throughout the course of the game, you’ll encounter decision points, where you’ll check your decision card. If you have the corresponding number, you’ll do what the text says. This tracks your decisions and the consequences for those decisions.

For all the campaign details, Treasure Hunts, Stretch Goals… check out our Kickstarter page!