Quarantine Pack


Free creative games and coloring sheets!

Just download and enjoy.

The first chapter of The Cloud Dungeon 2nd edition.

The cut-paper, colorable tabletop game is fantastic for everyone who loves to color and create!

(If you like this game, and are facing financial/job insecurity at this time, please message me and I’ll send you the full printable game, no need to buy it.)

Coloring Sheets from The Book of Building

Color, cut and assemble your own fantasy building!

Coloring Sheets from The Book of Coloring

Pages from the coloring book that flows together, no matter how you arrange the sheets:

Robot/Bard construction kit

Drawn and generously shared with us by @Rubikow, cut-and-paste your own robots and medieval bard! (Now with 4 more sheets!)

Venus – the stupid things that happened after humanity colonized the hell planet.

Predecessor to The Cloud Dungeon, this little game was my first foray into creative, story-based games: