Character of the Month files




Be careful with cyclops, he has temper problems. He’s attended anger management 27,021 times in his long life, and it hasn’t done any good.

Just keep him well fed, and don’t make any sudden moves. Oh, and don’t wear mauve. He really hates mauve.

January, 2016

Cyclops 1-sided

Cyclops 2-sided


Don’t mention sushi, don’t even think about it.

Our character today is a sucker for sushi, in fact she’s a sucker for a lot of things.

When you see the character, you’ll get that pun, and you’ll probably slap yourself in the head, in an attempt to purge the stupid pun from your cranium.

If this lady slapped herself in the head, she’d have trouble, because her hand might stick to her head.

No big deal, though – she’s got arms to spare.

February, 2016

Octopus 1-sided

Octopus 2-sided

Blob Beastie

Every once in a while, teeny magical blobs of sand from the mana desert will gain sentience, join together, and walk the world. They’re not too bright, their collective brain only being the size (and appearance) of a dehydrated apple, but for what they lack in intelligence, they make up in a creepy, cute cuddliness. But seriously, don’t try to cuddle them.

March, 2016

Blob Beastie 1-sided

Blob Beastie 2-sided

Beast of the static

Bzzzzzzzzzzzz. That noise. Static.

This little guy is friendly, but rarely seen. He’s made up of glitches, errors in code, and digital aberrations. He’s pretty cute. You have to carry around his projector, though.

April, 2016

Static 1-sided

Static 2-sided

Flame on!

As a flame element-man, this guy has heard every pun. So many puns. Please refrain from telling him “You’re on FIRE!” or “You’re SMOKIN’ HOT!”. You’re not clever, he’s heard them all. He’ll laugh politely, while planning your death on the inside.

May, 2016

Flame 1-sided

Flame 2-sided


Is he a robot, or is he a zombie?


Or, at least, something delightfully in-between.

…or maybe he’s Richard Nixon.

June, 2016

Nixombot 1-sided

Nixombot 2-sided


She’s a laptop, she’s more than a laptop. She’s an A.I. paired with mutation and lab experiments. She’s someone’s idea of a funny joke.  She’s like Siri, but so much more.

Siri doesn’t have tentacles, so there’s that.

July, 2016

Compy 1-sided

Copy 2-sided


He’s friendly, furry, and happy. He’s always trying to teach you your A, B, C’s. Try not to notice his friend, his friend is shy.

August, 2016

Grolvmo 1-sided

Grolvmo 2-sided


Rocky’s friends call him rocky. But that doesn’t mean he likes it. Sure, he looks like he’s been constructed of the leftovers from a construction yard, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have feelings. Don’t call him Rocky, don’t yell “AAADRIAAAAN”, just don’t. Don’t. You’re insensitive. Don’t.

September, 2016

Rocky 1-sided

Rocky 2-sided


Perry is sophisticated and intriguing, he dresses like a pretty cool cat, even though be does mix his styles a little bit. Also, if he saw a real cat, he’d make a break for it.

October, 2016

Perry 1-sided

Perry 2-sided


Liber’s a robot who lost most of his body in an industrial accident. His upper legs and arms, torso, abdomen, neck, and head have been replaced by bio-engineered alien material. Limber doesn’t mind too much.

November, 2016

Limber 1-sided

Limber 2-sided


He’s pretty young, and he hasn’t quite given up his “security blanket” – which, in his species, means walking around with the shell from his egg on his head.

December, 2016

Eggbert 1-sided

Eggbert 2-sided