Daily Panels Tips

Don’t get perfectionistic.

If you set yourself up to draw the Mona Lisa every day, you won’t ever, ever keep up. Remember the point is to capture memories, not make highly polished art. If you struggle with perfectionism, this is good practice.

Just down the caption, fill in the picture later

If you’re behind, if you forgot to do Daily Panels today, and you don’t have time, just jot down a caption to remind yourself of the memory you want to illustrate. Then when you do Daily Panels the next day, you can illustrate both, and not risk forgetting what happened two days ago.

Work together

If you can’t think of what you want to draw today, hand the book off to one of your children, let them record their favorite part of the day before. They’ll come up with some delightful memories.

Capture a wide variety

We’ve captured life events, new people we’ve met, food, silly things we’ve said, even great books we’ve read and movies we’ve watched. Don’t think that you have to record something flashy or mind-blowingly exciting, just capture your day-to-day life.

Birthday panel

We’ve decided that everyone does their own birthday Daily Panel. This is a fun rule, I highly recommend it.

Sick Days

If we’re all sick, I usually just scrawl “Sick Sick Sick Sick” all over the panel, because there’s rarely a memory that I want to record. This is ok, just move on from those days.