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Introducing the Book of Building Kickstarter!

Breaking news: I’ve just launched a new Kickstarter!

It’s a brand new coloring book, where you color and build your own fantasy buildings! Here’s how it works:

 It’s super cool, and by backing the Kickstarter you get it as a special price, Kickstarter freebies, and you can help be a part of the process of creation – I regularly ask backers to come up ideas and vote on what we add to the book. It’s a fun, creative process – I’ll see you there!

Check it out:

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These dice are pretty

Note: The folks who make these dice are going to send me a couple, so this recommendation is IN NO WAY UNBIASED. Treat it as such.

I quite like these dice. They make me salivate a little bit when I stare at them.

They’re aluminum, with some pretty sweet machining – they kind of look like space-age dice.

And – they’re aluminum. Did I mention that? Yum.

Anyway, check out their Kickstarter. Don’t back it if you’re skeptical, don’t back it because I said to, just have a look – and if they’re the kind of thing you love (like I do), grab them at the early bird price, save some dollars and support a tiny games business:



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ExSpelled is coming!

Expelled is coming to Kickstarter November 1st.

Let’s make some MAGIC! 


What be this?

It’s a DIY Adventure Game, like The Cloud Dungeon, it’s a story about attending a magic school, complete with dangerous random magical effects and paper craft wands.

To do: Follow me on Kickstarter

Get reminded when I launch the project by following me on Kickstarter – just go to my profile, and click “Follow”. 

I’m so excited to be launching a new game! Any questions? Feel free to comment below, and I’ll answer them.

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The Biggie Pack – A character pack that you can help grow!

Pre-orders make this character pack grow bigger!


Hey, if there are two things I like, it’s 1. Monsters, and 2. Drawing them. I’m launching a monstrous character pack, with a pre-order price of $5. But each pre-order contributes to making this pack BIGGER with more characters, costumes, and awesomeness for everyone, and (of course) the price stays at just $5 no matter how big the pack gets.

Also, I have a special bundle where you can get a copy of the Cloud Dungeon with the pack, if you need a copy. The specials, the pre-order price, and the growth of the pack will only last until September 16, so check it out today: