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ExSpelled up for sale, Worldwide editions of my games, and The Cloud Dungeon is back in stock!

Hey, great updates and news about my games!

ExSpelled is now available in the store

It’s here! My new magical game night is up for sale in the AndHeGames Store. We’ve got the book, the print-and-play, and , oh yeah – a Worldwide edition!

Worldwide editions of The Cloud Dungeon and ExSpelled

Yup, that’s right! Anywhere you are, you can order my games! Just go to the store and click the “Worldwide” editions of the books.

Oh, and here’s a coupon –

If you’re buying the Worldwide edition of either game, use the coupon code “FWD15” in the checkout to get 15% off.

The Cloud Dungeon is back in stock!

If you tried to order The Cloud Dungeon lately, you’ll have noticed that it has been out of stock. Well, it’s back now! Huzzah!

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