The Cloud Dungeon 2: Sunken Dungeon


The Sunken Dungeon is a cut-and-paste, colorable RPG. It’s DnD+crayons.

It’s a sequel/prequel to the classic colorable RPG, The Cloud Dungeon. Each player cuts out/customizes a character and works with the rest of the group through a choose-your-own-adventure-style story. It’s a new DIY Adventure game.

Make decisions with serious consequences, and horrible, ridiculous things happen.

It’s a co-op game full of creative, ridiculous fun.

Co-op Submarine battles

In addition to the outside picture of your submarine, you’ll have a a sheet with a map of the inside of your sub. You’ll be moving around, repairing armor, pumping out water when the rooms flood, firing cannons and harpoons.

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Print refills for your book (replace the page you cut up, or avoid cutting up your book) characters, and more over here:

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