The Cloud Dungeon (+ Ghostly Character MEGA Pack!)


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1 book is a game night for 2-5 players.

AndHeDrew brings you The Cloud Dungeon, a DIY Adventure Game with paper craft, coloring, co-op and competitive mini games, and difficult decisions with permanent (often hilarious) consequences. It’s a creativity-inspiring co-op experience that’s fantastic to play as a family. It can be played in 90 min-120 min, or broken up into 30-45 minute sessions, as the book is divided into three chapters.

This is the first book in the DIY Adventure Games format, an entirely new way to play games. Permanent team and individual decisions and the possibility of death and resurrection as a ghost make this a unique new way to team up and create a story together.

Only one book needed for up to 5 players. Included are printable “refill” pages so you can play again and again!

BONUS: The Ghostly MEGA Character pack, 11 creepy new characters who become more powerful when they die, and ghostly items and weapons to spookify your Cloud Dungeon playthrough!

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Print refills for your book (replace the page you cut up, or avoid cutting up your book) characters, and more over here:

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