Insane ideas from backers TRIPLE pack


Assembled from the depths of your minds, these packs represent the weirdest, most delightful characters possible. Venus flytrap wizards? Check. Three goblins dressed up as one adventurer and hoping you won’t notice? Check! A Parrot with a pirate on his shoulder? Check and check.

17 characters from the twisted, creative minds of people who were there at the beginning.

Also including THE LOST PACK, the pack of characters dreamed up by the backers of ExSpelled, and then misplaced and thought lost for years. It’s back!

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17 wacky characters, printable PDFs.

Use in any of the DIY Adventure Games. Buy the print books, or get the print-and-plays for free:


The Cloud Dungeon

The Cloud Dungeon 2: Sunken Dungeon



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