Goblins and Robots Character Pack


Just don’t ask them about the goblin/robot war. The goblins are still pretty sore about it, and the robots have archived the memory, so they’ll just stare at you blankly when you bring it up. It’s not a subject for polite conversation.

Suggested conversation topics:

Seasonings for rotten meat

De-fragmenting neural nets

Skinning of small helpless animals

Viruses and anti-viral programs

Derogatory comments about elves

Derogatory comments about electrical surges

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6 characters, printable PDF. Use in any of the DIY Adventure Games. Buy the print books, or get the print-and-plays for free:

Books: The Cloud Dungeon | The Cloud Dungeon 2: Sunken Dungeon | ExSpelled

Print-and-plays: Free Print-and-Plays

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